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The Publication Process

Nathan Jensen has a great post on the realities of the publication process. This is a must read for all graduate students, particularly those in their first or second year. Advertisements

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Impostor Syndrome: It does not end with graduation

It appears that impostor syndrome is something that will go with people beyond graduate school. Here is an article about dealing with impostor syndrome as a young faculty member.

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Tips for Teaching: From Carly

As part of the new student orientation for the department, Jake Wobig and I were asked to talk briefly about teaching and give advice to folks who might be landing in the classroom for the first time this semester. Jake … Continue reading

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Online game theory course from Stanford

I just learned that this past Monday, a pair of professors at Stanford began teaching a course in game theory, online, which is freely accessible to anyone.  (!)  The link is here.

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Grad School “Impostor Syndrome”

I found this post this afternoon that might be of some interest to fellow graduate students.  In this gig we’re surrounded by smart people and it’s easy to start believing you’re just not up to the same level as your … Continue reading

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How to pick a research project

I saw that Chris Blattman put some links on his blog to some essays by economist Don Davis on how to select research topics.  Directly relevant to political science as well.  Good stuff.

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An Illustrated Guide to the Ph.D.

Check it out.  

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