Here is the link to APSA’s list of upcoming conferences.  Notice that the page includes the dates of the conferences, the deadlines for submitting papers (“calls”), and also calls for journal submissions.  There are many more conferences than just APSA, Midwest and ISA out there.  Check out the list, you might find something that is right up your alley.

(However, there are many more conferences every year that don’t get listed by APSA.  If you don’t see it there doesn’t mean it’s not happening.  We’ll do our best to list other conferences we become aware of in the comments below)


6 Responses to Conferences

  1. jakewobig says:

    ISA for 2011 will be March 16-19, in Montreal.

    The call for papers is June 1, 2010.

  2. Laura Roost says:

    Western Political Science Association (WPSA) Conference 2011

    Call for Papers: September 24, 2010
    Dates: April 21-23, 2011
    Location: San Antonio, Texas (Hyatt Regency, River Walk)
    Theme: Transnational Borders, Equality, and Social Justice

  3. Laura Roost says:

    International Studies Association (ISA) Midwest Conference 2010

    Call for Papers: August 31
    Dates: November 4-7, 2010
    Location: St. Louis, Missouri (Hilton at the Ballpark)

  4. Laura Roost says:

    National Women’s Studies Association (NWSA) Conference 2010

    Call for Papers: deadline has passed
    Dates: November 11-14, 2010
    Location: Denver, Colorado (Sheraton Hotel)
    Theme: Difficult Dialogues II

    This association is interdisciplinary, so those interested in topics of gender may be interested given the conference’s proximity to Lincoln.

  5. Jake Wobig says:

    Southwestern Political Science Association Conference 2011

    Call for Papers: October 2
    Dates: March 31-April 3, 2011
    Location: Houston, Texas

  6. Jake Wobig says:

    Global Internet Governance Academic Network Fifth Regional Conference
    May 5 and 6, American University in Washington D.C.
    Call for paper (abstracts) is February 14.

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