Authoritarian Regime Data

If you are looking for data on authoritarian regimes, check out this dataset from Geddes, Wright, and Frantz.  It is producing some interesting research and additional data is expected this year.

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For using or considering the use of R, take a look at the Zelig package. This package can drastically reduce the code necessary to estimate a wide variety of models (frequentist and Bayesian) and automates graphics and model summaries. Did I mention it’s free?


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Gary King on the future of social science

This new paper is worth a read.

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For those teaching or doing research on globalization or international economics, you need to check out GED VIZ. It is a great tool for visualizing economic relations between countries. I see it being very helpful when teaching international trade in introductory classes.

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The Publication Process

Nathan Jensen has a great post on the realities of the publication process. This is a must read for all graduate students, particularly those in their first or second year.

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MPSA Deadline

This is just a reminder that the paper submission deadline for MPSA is October 4. You can find more information here.

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Guidelines for Graduate Assistantships

All funded students should familiarize themselves with the 2013-2014 Guidelines for Graduate Assistantships. There is little, if any, oversight over these guidelines so knowing them can help you avoid problems in the future.

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Human Rights Proliferation

The Monkey Cage has an interesting post today about the danger of human rights proliferation. While I am not up to date on the human rights literature, it seems like this could be a great area of research for current UNL human rights scholars.

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Social capital

If you are interested in social capital or will be taking a comparative politics comp, check out this new NBER working paper that tests Sheri Berman’s argument.

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ISA 2014 Annual Convention Deadline

Just a reminder that abstracts for ISA 2014 must be submitted by June 1, 2013. See for details.

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