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Trouble brewing in Europe

For those interested in international economic issues, Baseline Scenario, the blog run by James Kwak and Simon Johnson, is one of the best sources of information out there.  In this post, Johnson describes the pickle the EU finds itself in … Continue reading

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Macroeconomics Lesson in 7 minutes

All of us teaching political science need to know the basics of macro-economics, especially for lessons on American politics.  Here’s a fun and easy way to brush up.  Via Marginal Revolution.

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Stiglitz on the lessons of the bailout

Joseph Stiglitz wrote this excellent article on the lessons of the bailout this year.  It’s worth a read.

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Paul Romer’s “Charter Cities”

Some of you may have heard of Paul Romer – he’s an economist who’s done work on the role of technology in economic growth.  An extremely crude version of the idea is that the reason the Malthusian dilemma does not … Continue reading

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The Big Four on the financial crisis

Paul Kennedy imagining what Smith, Marx, Schumpeter and Keynes would think of the financial crisis.  An interesting read.

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Time Inconsistency and other problems in bonus schemes = Epic Fail

A very interesting article from Nassim Taleb about how bonus schemes on Wall Street greatly diminish the value corporate officers provide to shareholders.  It’s not that different from time-consistency problems faced by public officials, except in the private sector you … Continue reading

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Guest Column: Fish Shares and Sharing Fish – Olivia Judson Blog –

The tragedy of the (ocean) commons, and how to fix it. No mention of Ostrom, whose published work (specifically, “Covenants with and without the Sword), mirrors this somewhat. Check it out. Guest Column: Fish Shares and Sharing Fish – Olivia … Continue reading

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