It would be impossible to list all datasets relevant to political science research.  However, here are some of the more commonly used ones to get you started in your research:


World Bank Development Indicators

Polity IV

Democracy-Dictatorship Revisited dataset

Unified Democracy Scores – the latest in measuring democracy. Very fancy.

Minorities at Risk

Correlates of War

Quality of Government combined dataset (awesome!)

Salvatore Babones’ Standardized Income Distribution Database

General Social Survey

American National Election Studies

Lijphart Elections Archive


A good overview of Comparative Politics datasets

World Bank dataset of Political Institutions

Political Constraints Index

Ibrahim Index of African Governance

State of the USA This is not complete yet, but when it is, this will be really cool.

The Macro Data Guide Not a bad place to start if you are unfamiliar with available datasets

ICR Ethnic Conflict Data

Political Instability Task Force Events Data and Replication Datasets

CIRI Human Rights Dataset

Global Digital Activism Dataset

Social Conflict in Africa Dataset

Online Africa – ICT data for Africa

Paul Hensel’s International Relations Data Site (lots of links)

University of Tennessee Grad Student Blog data links

ISA Compendium Project

Uppsala Conflict Data Program

Development Economics Data Blog

Brancati’s Constituency-Level Elections dataset

Hyde and Marinov’s National Elections Across Democracy and Autocracy dataset

Kollman et al’s Constituency-Level Elections Archive

A compilation of free GIS datasets

Amnesty International torture data

European Protest and Coercion dataset

Election quality and monitoring data

Global Nonviolent Action Data

Bear Braumoeller’s data webpage  This one is more than just data; also info on data tools like visualization, etc.

Pro-Government Militias

Civil War Mediation Dataset

University of Bern Comparative Datasets on OECD and Communist Countries

Milan Svolik’s Politics of Authoritarian Rule datasets

American Legislatures dataset

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