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Considering the upcoming seminar on democracy and autocracy, I thought it would be good to mention that the University of Bern has a few comparative datasets on OECD and Post-Communist countries. University of Bern OECD and Post-Communist Data Advertisements

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Robustness checks for robust standard errors

Gary King and Margaret Roberts have a recent paper that you need to read before using robust standard errors. I know I have made the mistakes outlined in the article and many others have as well. King and Roberts provide a simple … Continue reading

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APSA’s 10th Teaching and Learning Conference

APSA’s 10th Teaching and Learning Conference Registration Now Open! Gain innovative ways to engage students and connect with peers in the teaching community. Attendees will gain: Best practices and new theories in the scholarship of teaching and learning Exposure to … Continue reading

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Gretl for Statistics

For those who may be interested in having a statistics package on their computer without having to pay a yearly licensing fee, you may want to take a look at Gretl. It is an open source statistical package that seems to have a growing … Continue reading

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kountry command in Stata

For those doing cross-national analysis in Stata, the kountry command allows for easy transitions between different coding schemes when merging data. For example, you can easily change a dataset identified with World Bank isocodes to one identified with Correlates of War codes.

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wbopendata module for Stata

For those using World Bank data in Stata, here is a nice module that allows you to directly access much of the data directly through the Stata interface.

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Supreme Court rules that tests of statistical significance are inadequate

For serious.  In a recent case the U.S. Supreme Court heard a product-liability case where a drug company failed to disclose to the public a nasty side effect of a new drug.  The company argued that it did not need … Continue reading

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