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wbopendata module for Stata

For those using World Bank data in Stata, here is a nice module that allows you to directly access much of the data directly through the Stata interface. Advertisements

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High Noon in the IR Corral

Dan Drezner and Anne Marie Slaughter are having a debate over whether realism or new liberalism better describe world affairs.  It began with a column by Slaughter in the Atlantic, which led to this response by Drezner, and then this … Continue reading

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How to Do Grad School

A couple of posts popped up this weekend that I thought I’d pass on: PM’s Question Time on the experience of learning IR, and Dan Nexon on his key frustration with teaching grad students IR. The upshot: think about the … Continue reading

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ISA Calls for Papers

ISA just got over, but the next round of calls is coming up.  Some deadlines to be aware of: ISA Northeast (Nov. 4-5, Providence RI) – Call is May 20 ISA Midwest (Nov. 10-13, St. Louis MO) – Call is … Continue reading

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The debate over measuring democracy

Those of you who work in the areas of international relations and comparative politics are probably aware that there are several ways used to measure whether a country is a democracy or not, and the strength of that democracy.  The … Continue reading

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The Britain-France defense pact

See here.  Britain and France signed a mutual defense pact that included shared use of aircraft carriers, a 10,000-man joint expeditionary force, and shared R&D on nuclear weapons.  This is really big deal.  Can anyone think of a case where … Continue reading

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Omelicheva Research Luncheon – Friday, September 17

Dr. Mariya Omelicheva is the visiting speaker for this year’s first research luncheon on Friday, September 17. The title of her talk is “Terrorism is What States Make of It: Threat Construction and Counterterroism Responses in Central Asia.” The sign-up … Continue reading

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