Human Rights Proliferation

The Monkey Cage has an interesting post today about the danger of human rights proliferation. While I am not up to date on the human rights literature, it seems like this could be a great area of research for current UNL human rights scholars.

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Social capital

If you are interested in social capital or will be taking a comparative politics comp, check out this new NBER working paper that tests Sheri Berman’s argument.

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ISA 2014 Annual Convention Deadline

Just a reminder that abstracts for ISA 2014 must be submitted by June 1, 2013. See for details.

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Authoritarian Regime Data

If anyone is interested in studying autocratic regimes, Milan Svolik’s datasets, from his (2012) book The Politics of Authoritarian Rule, are now available. The datasets include information on regimes, leaders, ruling coalitions, and institutions. Below, I include a link to the data.

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Fulbright Information Sessions

Consider a Fulbright for dissertation research, or at the very least pass the information on to your undergraduate students! If you are interested in learning about the Fulbright US Student program, attend one of the informational sessions at the Union:

  • Monday, March 25, 5pm
  • Wednesday, March 27, 2pm

You can also email for additional information about Fulbright or other fellowships available to graduate students.

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Impostor Syndrome: It does not end with graduation

It appears that impostor syndrome is something that will go with people beyond graduate school. Here is an article about dealing with impostor syndrome as a young faculty member.

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UNL Women’s and Gender Studies Scholarships and Awards

All submissions and applications for Women’s and Gender Studies awards and scholarships are due to the WGS office by 12 noon on Wed. Feb 6.
WGS undergraduate students are encouraged to apply for scholarships and the Outstanding Achievement Award; please see the WGS website for eligibility requirements.
All undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to submit a scholarly paper or creative activity for the Karen Dunning Awards.
More information is on the WGS website:
·        Graduate Students –
·        Undergraduate Student Awards –
·        Undergraduate Student Scholarships –
If you have any questions, please contact Rose Holz or Chantal
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