UCLA Statistical Computing Resources

I’ve been utilizing this great web site offered by UCLA’s Statistical Computing Department for some time now. The site offers help on a wide variety of statistical techniques for the major stats packages, including Stata, SPSS, SAS and R. For one, I found it to be especially helpful in the psychometric courses I took over the past year–I use Stata but much of the psych department uses SPSS, so the site offered a lot of guidance in learning the commands in a different package than was taught in class.

What’s more, there are in depth analyses that feature step by step interpretation of results from online data sets, in addition to sample write ups. Check it out, it is a fantastic resource.

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One Response to UCLA Statistical Computing Resources

  1. Doug Oxley says:

    This is a great site for stats. I have been using it for a while. As you say, Mike, the descriptions are clear and the commands are there for multiple different stat packages. It really is a great resource. Thanks, UCLA!

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