Wild news story involving Russia … OF! THE! DAY!!

Remember that Russian cargo ship with $1.3 mil of timber that disappeared a couple weeks ago in European waters?  Some people speculated that pirates may have gotten so bold as to operate in European shipping channels, but now it looks like – drum roll – the ship was secretly tied to a Russian arms smuggling ring and was carrying sophisticated anti-aircraft missiles to Iran.  Israel’s secret service, the Mossad, was tracking the smugglers and alerted Russian authorities, who in turn had special forces storm the ship in the guise of hijackers, and then had more special forces “liberate” the ship for the public relations.

Got that?  Weirdest part in my opinion, why Russia agreed to cooperate, particularly in light of their recent actions with regard to the Viktor Bout case in Thailand.  Israel must have made clear that these missiles were a *very* serious threat to their interests.


About Jake Wobig

I teach international relations and comparative politics at Wingate University in Wingate, North Carolina
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