Bad news: US dissolves. Good news: We won’t be with Texas

(That’s a joke)

Awhile back I was talking to someone about this idea that a Russian political scientist has that the United States faces an imminent likelihood of breaking up into several smaller countries.  See this link for a summary.

This professor is apparently very famous in Russia.  He has a good post at a good university and is regularly interviewed on Russian TV concerning U.S.-Russian relations. Of course, that’s Russian State TV, there’s no such thing as free media there.  Probably roughly the equivalent of Douglas Feith being interviewed on Fox News during the Bush years.


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I teach international relations and comparative politics at Wingate University in Wingate, North Carolina
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One Response to Bad news: US dissolves. Good news: We won’t be with Texas

  1. jakewobig says:

    I would note that under this scenario we would get SAC, NORAD, and most of the U.S. strategic nuclear weapons, not to mention most of America’s agricultural and mineral production, so we would be all right geopolitically. However, we would lose Disney Land, our recruiting pool for running backs in Texas and Florida, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and gumbo. Probably a losing deal. It might help the rivalries with OU and UT though… Might have to think about this longer.

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