Classroom Resources

I recently browsed through the companion CD-ROM, PowerLecture, that came with the textbook I’m using to teach 100 this summer and found a myriad of resources. From images to ready-made PowerPoint presentations, lecture notes, videos, animated learning modules and more, there’s a wealth of stuff here. There’s also a companion website at where you can register and create your own personal site of resources. I found the text I’m using next fall on there, with PowerPoints, test questions, paper topic ideas, etc.

No need to reinvent the wheel here, folks, we need to be using all of the resources at our disposal. For anyone who has been utilizing these materials, any thoughts on their effectiveness or otherwise?

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One Response to Classroom Resources

  1. Tina Mueller Zappile says:

    I use many of the available resources for the Pevehouse IR book, including a downloadable program with pre-written multiple choice and essay questions. I use chapter powerpoints as templates and links for in-class viewing. The student websites are also great resources to direct students for test reviews and assignments. I find it takes introducing the site in class (the first day) to take full advantage though.

    Textbook publishers are great resources, they are more than happy to tell you all about the extra features that come with the books. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship, you get information about available resources and they get textbook sales.

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