Been Rejected Lately?

Though I’ve not yet had the pleasure of being rejected by a journal (haven’t even submitted anything yet, for that matter), I thought this article would provide a good bit of reassurance for when that finally does happen. Perhaps I should remove the uber-intelligent pigs from the paper I’m currently writing…

T. S. Eliot And ‘Animal Farm’: Reasons For Rejection – Times Archive .

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2 Responses to Been Rejected Lately?

  1. Evan says:

    I was once, in my younger days, rejected by a foreign journal of little note; but I learned a new expression as well, so it wasn’t all bad. The editor noted that my paper (on a certain, ahem, topic) was “like throwing a cat into a room of geese” when being reviewed, and that I shouldn’t write like an “angry man”.

  2. I’ll have to keep that expression in mind.

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