Keep Posted on a Blogging Workshop…

Now that comps have ended (for me, at least), I’ve been thinking in terms of the future.. which includes a possible informational session on how to operate on this blog. In other words, for those not privy to the inner workings of this system, I’d like to provide an introduction to how to work this blog.

No date has been scheduled as of yet, and for good reason. I would like to get a bearing on the level of interest (if any) in a short informational session, and subsequently set a date that allows as many as possible to make the informational session. Please reply to this post with a preferred day of the week/time. I suppose lunchtime would be nice, because the classroom has a large surface area on which food may be advantageously placed.

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One Response to Keep Posted on a Blogging Workshop…

  1. Hey Mike, I think I’d like to see a blog workshop happen around the end of April.

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