Grad School pro/con, continued

One of my favorite blogs picked up on the Penelope Trunk article arguing against the value of grad school that we were talking about earlier in the week.  Chris Blattman – a development economic at Yale – says the original argument just sounded like a rant.


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I teach international relations and comparative politics at Wingate University in Wingate, North Carolina
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One Response to Grad School pro/con, continued

  1. Nice find. Originally when I visited the post from Marginal Revolution I had little time to ponder what she was really saying. I think that one of the responses to your link put it nicely when they stated that “I pay bills and taxes, take care of my home, and maintain a car and family relationships. What else is adulthood?”

    Very true. And although I do not maintain a home, I (as well as many others within the dept) do the other “adult-y” things everyday as well. In fact, one could argue that grad students who are working long hours in classes, teaching and research are living the adult life at less pay than those who are not in grad school (though the stipend of course doesn’t hurt).

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