APSA Conference Preregistration Now Open…

For those of you not presenting a paper, here is a good reason to attend the APSA conference in Toronto this September: APSA offers a Placement Interview Service at the conference.  This year’s service will be available  for the entire duration of the conference, Thursday September 3 – Sunday September 6.  The service is free, however you must be a member of APSA and preregistered for the conference to participate.  If you’re not already a member, you should join anyway.  Not only do you get access to select journals but also to APSA ejobs.

In order to take advantage of this service, APSA recommends contacting institutions to arrange interviews prior to arriving at the conference.  This can be done through the APSA site; both you and hiring institutions are required to preregister.  Starting late spring/early summer, participating schools will list job openings and the days and times they will be available to interview potential candidates.

There will also be short courses and panels designed specifically for graduate students, such as last year’s “APSA Short Course  SC 11   Getting a Job at a Teaching Institution — and Succeeding!”.  I have found similar panels at the annual ISA conferences to be invaluable sources of information about jobs, the publishing process from the mouths of editors/publishers, women in political science, and other misc topics.  Not to mention the networking opportunities!

So think seriously about attending, especially if you will be looking for a job for Fall 2010.

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