A Few Things to Note

Hello all. I’ve got a few things to mention today.

First of all, I’ve heard around the department that some grad students are unsure as to what can be done with this blog. Please note: you can do anything with this blog that you want to (within reason, of course). If you have a question, post it. If you have an interesting article or link you’ve found, post it. I hope that with time all students will use this blog to further their graduate student hopes and dreams… or careers. Advancing careers through the majesty of blog is fine too.

Of course you need an account on this blog to post on the main page. See “Getting Started” at the top of this page for instructions on how to do so.

Finally, Amanda and I attended the “Data & Donuts” workshop at the SSP department today. I would highly recommend it—it’s a great way to ask data, methodology, or other research questions to highly-knowledgeable people. There are three more sessions this semester (see post below). Free coffee and donuts. Sugar rush city.

I know I said “Finally,” above, but this is really the last part of this post. The SSP web site includes a list of methods classes in departments around the university. They don’t have the list for this fall up quite yet, but we’ve been told it will be up soon. If you’ve been looking for a methods class to take outside the department, check back there often.

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