Doing Our Part

Fellow Grad Students –

If you have not already read Beth’s most recent email about the budget, please do so.

We’ve all been reading and hearing about departments and universities across the country who are cutting grad assistantships and facing uncertain futures. Comparatively, Nebraska is in better shape. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do our part to help out the situation.

1) If you are not already printing out articles on used paper, please start. Print two pages per page, if your eyesight can take it. If you can read material on-screen, even better.

2) Do not print out your syllabi for the classes you teach. Send an email before the first day of class, instructing students to print the syllabus from Blackboard and bring it to class.

3) If you have activities or worksheets to complete in class, consider making an overhead or writing questions on the board instead of printing a sheet for each student.

These are small things, but if you consider the amount of paper we go through, it is a little ridiculous. Who knows how much we will really save, but it certainly can’t hurt. And, oh yeah, the forests called, and they want their trees back.

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