R, the Software, Finds Fans in Data Analysts – NYTimes.com

Here’s an article that was printed earlier this month in the Times about ‘R.’ If you’re not familiar with this software package, it is a free, open source statistical software package based on the ‘S’ programming language (these programmers are anything but verbose). I think the article below does a better job of explaining it than I do.

R, the Software, Finds Fans in Data Analysts – NYTimes.com.

I’ve been toying around with R for some time now (it’s available for Windows, Mac, and Linux) but haven’t really dedicated much time to actually learning the language required to run this. Has anyone in the department ever used R for any papers in the past? Or in the future? If so, can I borrow your time machine?

But seriously..

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4 Responses to R, the Software, Finds Fans in Data Analysts – NYTimes.com

  1. Soon to be PhD says:

    I took a short course on R at ICPSR, they offer a longer course as well. R has better graphing abilities than other software, lots of folks use it for that purpose in order to display results. That’s what the short course was all about. I have yet to use it though- I need results first!

    Check out ICPSR this summer. It hasn’t been popular among UNL grad students, I think I’m the only one to have gone recently. It’s REALLY well known elsewhere though. Ask the chairs about funding for it…

  2. Thanks for the info, sounds interesting. Judging by the little tutorials I’ve used in R, its graphics are fantastic, especially compared to the stuff SPSS spits out. That’s about as far as I’ve gotten, though.

  3. Bizhan Faripour says:

    There is a GUI for it called R-Commander, which supposedly provides an interface to make it easier to use, but I haven’t been a le to get it to work. I haven’t spent a lot of time trying either, but it may be worth a look.

    I’ve also run across PSPP, which is a freeware SPSS clone that might be worth a look for people not so interested in taking on R.

  4. I’ve used R Commander, and it does make things substantially easier. Let me know if you need assistance getting it set up.

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