Got an interesting link/story to post?

By all means, post it! You can do so most easily (just so long as you have signed up for an account) by adding a bookmark to this link. Clicking it will bring up a separate window with info for the item in question. For example, let’s say you’re reading an interesting article on a blog or the New York Times. If you have the above link bookmarked, simply select it, a new window pops up with a link to the story (and title), and you simply add any commentary you want. Simple as pie.

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2 Responses to Got an interesting link/story to post?

  1. Bizhan Faripour says:

    That link doesn’t seem to go anywhere,I’m getting “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.”

  2. You’re right. I must have done that wrong. You can get the correct link by going to the wordpress dashboard, clicking tools, and then bookmarking the “press this” link that shows up. That should work (I guess I figured that I could just link to that, but I was wrong).

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