Welcome to the UNLPSGS Blog!

It’s a bit rough to start with, but hopefully with time all graduate students will post, discuss, collaborate, and become enlightened through the majesty of blog..

If you wish to address the entire graduate student group, post on this main page. Conversely, if you wish to comment on another student’s page, do so at the right. Click around. Hopefully as students add info to their pages, we’ll be able to discover each other’s interests, maybe comment or help each other out and whatnot.

Finally (more may be added later), see the ‘RSS’ symbol in the address bar of your browser? Clicking this will add an update feed to our browser/RSS reader. Thus, one could get constant updates from this main page. This page at Wikipedia should provide some illumination for those not privy to the wonderful world of RSS feeds.

To gain publishing power on this blog, do the following:

1. Go to wordpress.com and sign up for a free account. It will ask you whether you want a blog or not. Click ‘account only,’ unless you want your very own blog.

2. Comment on this post (click ‘comment’ at the top of this post) and enter the email address attached to your account so that I can add you as an editor of this blog.

3. Next, you can go to your own page in the list at the right and edit your information page. I’ve provided a bit of a template, but don’t feel hemmed-in by it; make your page however you wish.

4. You can create a post by clicking the ‘post’ link at the top of the page (in dark grey). You have to be logged-in to do so. I would recommend that general questions and announcements be posted on this main page. Conversely, specific postings can go on the relevant student’s page.

5. If you have any questions, you can shoot me (Mike) an email, or post on my blog page. Also, the wordpress support page has quite a lot of info as well.

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8 Responses to Welcome to the UNLPSGS Blog!

  1. mikegruz says:

    Apparently, I forgot at least one name on the grad student list–if your name isn’t listed at the right, by all means say so..I’ll get it fixed straight away.

  2. Randy says:


    Well done! The look and organization is very professional.

    I’m impressed!

    All the best.


  3. brettpettit says:




  4. Ryan Lowry says:

    Mike – nice work!


  5. Jake says:

    Crap, I think I commented to the wrong post.

    username: jakewobig
    email: jakewobig@huskers.unl.edu

  6. Christine says:

    I’ve been meaning to do this for a while!

    username: christineosborn
    email: christine_lee715@yahoo.com

  7. nkem says:

    username: nkemkalu
    email: nkem.kalu@gmail.com

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